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Bristow Industrial Park

Project Name:
Bristow Industrial Park

Engineering and Rezoning

Use Type:
Heavy Industrial Park

Bristow, Prince William County, VA

Project Outline:

  • This project started in 2002 when the property was acquired through Weber Rector.
  • We have worked on this project for a total of 6 years. In the spring of 2008, all permits were obtained to begin development of the PI Plan and subsequently begin the sales of the industrial lots.

Services Provided:

  • The owner requested that Weber Rector continue as the project manager and manage the project through rezoning engineering of the PI Plan and making it ready for development.
  • We coordinated the zoning of the property, which was approved in 2003.
  • We handled the engineering of the Public Improvement plans for the client and obtained approval in August 2004.
  • We obtained the wetlands permit for actual construction of the road in January 2008.
  • This project also involved a joint venture and cost sharing of the road improvements with a national entity, which was coordinated through Weber Rector.
  • From this point, we will work with the site developer in the actual construction of the entrance road.

Value Added by Weber Rector:

  • Once the construction of the road is in progress, Weber Rector will start marketing the property as heavy industrial lots.