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Notable Transactions

Forest Lodge – $46.00 Million

This 1,353 acre tract near Charlottesville, Virginia, was sold in “as is” condition. The site included 3 different zoning districts with low density residential uses allowed by right. Weber Rector was able to find a purchaser and close the sale within 8 months of listing.

Morris Property – $26.4 Million

A proposed 660 lot residential development on 278 acres, this tract was sold subject to site plan approval for a planned residential community. Weber Rector represented the buyer and helped to manage the zoning project from site plan to closing.

Rippon Landing – $26 Million

A proposed 864 unit high-density, multi-family development on 237 acres, these were the last undeveloped parcels in the Rippon Village planned community. Approximately 1⁄4 of the land area conveyed was designated open space. The sale was subject to site plan approval for multi-family use. Weber Rector represented the seller from New York.

Camp Glenkirk – $18.00 Million

This 233 acre tract was a summer religious camp owned by the Presbyterian Church. The church entrusted Weber Rector to maximize the value of this major asset. Over a 1 1⁄2 year period Weber Rector assisted in rezoning the tract into a single, 153 single family detached lots in a planned residential community. The property was sold subject to final site plan to Brookfield Homes, a national homebuilder.

Wellington Glen – $13.30 Million

140 acres proposed for a planned office and mixed use development to include 600 multifamily unites. Weber Rector was selected to analyze the market value of the property and sell it on behalf of the seller.

Liberty Business Park – $7.50 Million

53 Acres zoned M-1 (Heavy Industrial) and unproffered at time of sale. The site was purchased by an industrial park developer. Weber Rector was selected by the Maryland owner and was assigned the task of evaluating the value and marketing.

Effingham Estates – $6.68 Million

This 485 acre tract was sold subject to site plan approval for a 49 lot subdivision. The purchaser was Kustom Kastles, a regional homebuilder who intends on building executive/estate housing on 10 acre lots. Weber Rector was selected by the courts to offer the property for sale on behalf of the beneficiaries. Weber Rector evaluated the property’s highest and best use and marketed it.

Rippon Apartments – $6.00 Million

100 unit apartment complex on 6.72 acres built in 1986. Located in Rippon Village, a residential planned community in the Route 1/Interstate 95 corridor, this garden apartment complex had been well maintained over its operating life. Comprised of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, its average monthly retail income was $852 per unit. Sold at full price, the time between listing and sale was 6 months. Weber Rector was selected by the owner, a New York investment firm, to evaluate the value and market the property.

Bristow Industrial Park – $4.00 Million

This 54 acre tract zoned M-1 (Heavy Industrial) and M-2 (Light Industrial) was sold to a developer who intends on constructing an industrial park. Weber Rector represented the seller and project managed the zoning of the property.

Johnson Subdivision – $1.52 Million

An industrial lot, sold subject to site plan approval of 18,000 SF of industrial with outside storage. This was a “build-to-suit” that Weber Rector organized and project- managed to closing.